Relax & Unwind

Dog Hotel in Prairie Village

Trust us with your fur baby for overnight boarding while you take a much-deserved vacation!

At our dog hotel in Prairie Village, our boarding pups get full daycare each day during their stay. Then, after fun-filled days, your pup will relax in one of our luxury suites or in a spacious glass kennel. You can even view your pup snoozing through our state-of-the-art web cameras.


Luxury Suites

Treat your fur baby to a 4×6 spacious suite in our dog hotel. Each suite is equipped with a Kuranda dog bed and bedding, and personal webcam for your pup to relax and unwind after a playful day.

State-of-the-Art Kennels

Our glass kennels are opaque on the sides, which provide a private and quiet space for your pup to sleep with their favorite snuggle toy at night, so they have energy to play during the day!  They are 3×4 in dimension and 3 feet tall.

Complimentary Bath

Staying 5 nights or more? Your pup will be pampered with a complimentary exit bath so they look and smell their very best for reuniting with their favorite human.

Boarding Pricing

Dogs may board together in one kennel or suite upon request

Boarding 1-5 Nights
Starting at $59.00/Night

Two Dogs sharing the same kennel $53.10/Night per Dog

Surcharge for Luxury Suites
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Boarding 6+ Nights
Starting at $54.00/Night

Two Dogs sharing the same kennel $48.60/Night per Dog

Surcharge for Luxury Suites
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10 Night Boarding Package
Starting at $560.00

1 Year Expiration
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Your pup's safety is top priority

At On the Ball, we take great pride in keeping our space sanitary and well-maintained. We also educate ourselves on diseases that could infect our pups to make sure we stay up-to-date on all necessary vaccines and to ensure we take the appropriate measures within our space.

We want our pups to enjoy their experience at On the Ball in a safe and healthy way, so that they will come back to us for a long time!

  • Vaccinations

    Require record of Bordetella every 6 months, Rabies and DHLPP vaccinations upon check-in

  • Clean Air

    Utilize several air conditioners with an energy recovery unit that circulates completely new air through the space every 4 minutes

  • Routine Sanitation

    Enforce sanitation of the establishment twice a day

  • Proactive

    Immediate isolation of dogs who exhibit possibly infectious symptoms

  • Responsible

    Retain relationships with local veterinarians in case of emergency

  • High Standards

    Maintain high cleanliness standards

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require reservations for boarding?

Yes, we require boarding reservations to ensure we have adequate staff on hand to give your pup the personalized attention they deserve! You can book online at and click on “book now”. You can also call us at 913-217-7839 to make a reservation and our wonderful staff can assist you.  Our boarding pups are also assigned to a state-of-the-art kennel or a private suite.  Just like any hotel, we need a reservation in order to ensure each pup has a space of their own!

Do you require deposits for boarding?

On the Ball requires deposits because boarding is limited.  We require a 50% deposit on all of our private suite reservations.  For our regular boarding reservations, a 20% deposit is required.  The deposits are collected at the time the reservation is confirmed.  In order to be confirmed, all vaccination records must be obtained by On the Ball and shots be up to date.  Deposits surrounding holidays are non-refundable.  All other deposits are refundable if the reservation is cancelled outside of one week prior to the start date.

When do I need to drop off and pick up my dog for boarding?

You may drop off and pick up your dog any time during our normal business hours.  Should you need to drop off prior to noon on your first day, and pick up after noon on your last day, a half-day daycare charge will be added to your reservation.  Early drop off and late pick up reservations are also an option, should you need it!

Do you board cats?

Unfortunately we only board dogs at On the Ball at this time.

May I have someone other than me pickup my pup from their boarding stay?

Of course! You must designate this person in your reservation form (or in person upon drop off) and provide their phone number in case we need to reach them around pickup time.

How can I check in on my pup while boarding?

We recognize it is extremely hard to leave your fur baby overnight anywhere but your home! Therefore, we equipped On the Ball with over 13 webcams throughout our space! These webcams are accessible through your profile on our website.  If you chose to board your pup in one of our private suites, you will have secure access to that suites’ personal webcam so you can see your pup sleep throughout the night.  All group activity webcams can be viewed by the public.  You are also welcomed to call On the Ball anytime and speak to a helpful staff member for specific updates on your fur baby.  

What happens if my pup becomes ill while in your care?

When you make a boarding reservation, we ask you fill in your veterinarian's contact information, and inform your vet you give On the Ball permission to contact them in case of an emergency. Should your pup become ill while in our care, depending on the severity, we will contact our vet of record first, and if necessary, contact your pup’s veterinarian to determine the appropriate care needed. You as the pup parent, will of course be contacted throughout the process.

Can my dogs board together?

Of course! If they typically board together, we have private suites large enough for them to sleep soundly by each other’s side. Any special requests regarding boarding your pups should be discussed with On the Ball staff prior to leaving your pups in our care.

What is kennel cough and can my dog get it?

Kennel cough is a contagious respiratory disease that can be contracted in places where dogs congregate. This is not limited to daycare and boarding environments, but can be spread in dog parks, vet clinics or even in your back yard during doggy play dates. Kennel cough can carry many symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, runny nose and sneezing.  There are things you as a dog parent can do to prevent kennel cough and there are also things On the Ball does to protect our pups.

What can you do:
  • Make sure your pup is properly vaccinated by your veterinarian
  • Continually focus on your dog’s overall health to keep their immune system functioning at a high level
  • Monitor your dog’s interactions with other dogs while under your care
  • Do your homework on dog daycare's and boarding facilities to ensure the space is clean and well-maintained.