We treat dogs like family, because they are.

Dog Daycare in Prairie Village


Our friendly, attentive staff recognizes the special bond between people and dogs.

We strive to create a custom experience tailored to every pup. At On the Ball, relationships are at the heart of everything we do, and earning the trust of dogs and people is always our top priority.


On the Ball staffs its dog daycare in Prairie Village with caring, attentive, fun-loving people who create an environment where dogs can receive love and attention similar to what they would experience at home.

On the Ball is devoted to dogs, providing the highest level of care and attention through boarding, concierge, and dog daycare services in our Prairie Village space that feels like home.


This mission was all but a dream in founder Meagan Dowell’s mind just over a year before On the Ball began. Having three dogs of her own (two from a local rescue shelter) Meagan understands that all dogs cannot fit into a standard box for services. Her pups have special behavioral needs, and she aspired to create a space where dogs not only received personalized engagement with staff, but also customized care plans would be created for pups with unique needs.



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Our team is made up of dog lovers providing a loving environment for each pup experience.

Meagan Dowell founded On the Ball to provide a custom experience through concierge services such as curbside pickup and drop-off, a dedicated grooming space, and customized care plans for pups with unique needs. Our seamless online booking, checkout, and flexible reservation options make visiting On the Ball a treat for everyone!

Meet the Team


On the Ball Loves Prairie Village

Prairie Village loves their dogs, and so do we! On nice days, you can see residents walking their dogs, enjoying the fresh air and quality time with their fur baby.  By locating our space conveniently in the Prairie Village shopping center, we are easily accessible to our neighbors. Our love for the city and its charm inspired us to create an environment that celebrates dogs and the special bond we have with them.