Every dog has its day!

Doggie Daycare in Prairie Village

Treat your pup to dog daycare for a day of fun engaging with other pups and our caring staff!

Treat your pup to dog daycare for a day of fun engaging with other On the Ball pups and our caring staff for either a half day (5 hours or less) or a full day.  Our 1-15 staff-to-dog ratio allows your fur baby to receive personalized care and attention while getting exercise and stimulation! You can also view your pup enjoy their day through our state-of-the-art web cameras.


Staff to Dog Ratio

We believe dogs need interaction with people as well as other dogs to sustain a happy life! That’s why On the Ball employs a 1-to-15 staff-to-dog ratio at our doggie daycare in Prairie Village—so your fur baby receives the individualized attention it deserves.

Noise Minimization

Dogs are offended by loud noises just as much as humans. Because we care for our pups like our babies, our space was built with high levels of insulation and sound proofing so your pup can play in peace.

Odor Control

Because we believe playtime is better in a fresh environment, we developed a signature, odor-eliminating scent which fills the space with pleasant fragrance for pups and pup parents to enjoy!

Daycare Pricing

Full Day Daycare
Starting at $37.00

(Over 5 hours)
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Half-Day Daycare
Starting at $29.00

(5 hours or less)
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Your pup's safety is top priority

At On the Ball, we take great pride in keeping our space sanitary and well-maintained. We also educate ourselves on diseases that could infect our pups to make sure we stay up-to-date on all necessary vaccines and to ensure we take the appropriate measures within our space.

We want our pups to enjoy their experience at On the Ball in a safe and healthy way, so that they will come back to us for a long time!

  • Vaccinations

    Require record of Bordetella every 6 months, Rabies and DHLPP vaccinations upon check-in

  • Clean Air

    Utilize several air conditioners with an energy recovery unit that circulates completely new air through the space every 4 minutes

  • Routine Sanitation

    Enforce sanitation of the establishment twice a day

  • Proactive

    Immediate isolation of dogs who exhibit possibly infectious symptoms

  • Responsible

    Retain relationships with local veterinarians in case of emergency

  • High Standards

    Maintain high cleanliness standards

Additional Perks

Additional Perks of our doggie daycare in Prairie Village.

Early Drop Off & Late Pick Up


Early Drop Off: 6am – Open
Late Pick Up: Close – 8:30pm

**Appointment Required 

$20 per hour.

Hourly Daycare

Need to get shopping done or have lunch? Drop off your fur baby for a few hours while you enjoy the services in the shopping center!

$12 Per Hour (up to 2 hours)

Curbside Drop Off & Pick Up

Convenient service when booking online and store credit card on file.

**Appointment Required


On the Ball Provided Food

Don’t want to portion and bring your own food? Use On the Ball’s food for your pup!  We serve NutriSource dog food.

**Reservation Required


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any prepaid daycare options or other deals?

Yes! We offer the ability to purchase packages of sessions for your pup. These come in different quantities and do not expire, so use them as you need them!

Do you provide tours of your facility?

COVID-19 Update: We are limiting in person tours of our facility due to COVID-19. Please visit our virtual tour page on our website to see the inside of our facility!

My dog needs a bath/groom. Can he/she get that during daycare?

Of course! A reservation with our groomer will be required to ensure their schedule is accurate. We will make sure your pup is bathed and groomed and will go home smelling fresh!

Do you offer half-day daycare rates?

Yes, we offer half-day daycare for stays 5 hours or less.

Do you offer weekend daycare?

Yes, we offer daycare on weekends from 8am – 5pm.

What happens if I do not pick up my dog prior to close?

We allow late pick-up up until 8:30pm every day, by appointment only.  If you will be arriving within 30 minutes of close, then no advance reservation is required, but notice to On the Ball is required.  There is an additional fee for every hour after close your dog stays at On the Ball.  If you need to pick up your pup later than 1 hour after close, a reservation must be made 12 hours in advance.  The reservation is to ensure we have staff at On the Ball to handle the pick-up.  If you cannot arrive prior to 8:30pm, then your pup is welcome to stay the night with us!  You can pick him up the next day or let him stay and play for another day.  Please view our boarding rates here.  

When can I drop off my dog for daycare?

You can drop off your dog anytime during our open hours of 7am – 7pm on weekdays, and 8am – 5pm on weekends. Should you need early drop off, you can make a reservation to drop off between 6am – 7am on weekdays and 6am – 8am on weekends.  Reservations must be made 12 hours in advance and they are subject to an additional fee.

Does the daycare have secure partitions between areas and access doors?

Every entrance and exit from a dog only area is secured with double layer doors for added security. Our policies also do not allow a dog to enter or exit from a space unless accompanied by one of our caring staff.

Do you have daycare for cats?

Unfortunately no. Only dogs can utilize daycare at On the Ball at this time.

My dog requires medication at specific times. Can you administer that?

As long as the medication is not required to be administered intravenously, yes we can administer!

My dog normally eats lunch, if I bring her food, will you feed her?

Yes, we will feed your pup lunch. You are welcome to bring their food in a sealed bag/container that contains instructions on quantity. If you prefer to use the food at On the Ball, please indicate so when you make your reservation and we will feed your pup our premium dog food.  A charge of $5 per day will apply.  

Do I need to make a reservation for daycare?

Reservations are highly encouraged, to make sure we have adequate staff on hand to give your pup the personalized attention they deserve! You can book online at and click on “book now”. You can also call us at 913-217-7839 to make a reservation and our wonderful staff can assist you.  If you cannot make a reservation, please call us as soon as you know you need daycare, and bring your pup by!  Special rules may apply around holidays.

What should we bring for the first day of daycare?

We are happy to call your vet on your behalf and obtain your records for you.  You may also bring your updated vaccination records. If you are booking online, you can upload them to your personalized portal and our staff will verify them online. You can either scan and attach the documents to the portal or take a photo and upload the photo.

What if my dog cannot be in a typical group daycare environment? Can they still come to On the Ball?

If your pup cannot be in the group daycare environment, our staff is committed to developing a custom plan for your pup so they can still enjoy engagement at On the Ball. During the temperament test upon your pups arrival, the staff will learn about your dog’s personality and needs and develop a unique plan for success during their stay.